Fit Together

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation

The Fit Together Grant Program was established to support five rural North Carolina community partnerships to improve community health and increase physical activity utilizing Healthy Places by Design [then Active Living By Design]'s Community Action Model. For more details, read Communities on the Move, a Fit Together report.


  • Added new dimensions to local level efforts to improve community health, affecting both short-term objectives (promotions and programs) and sustainable objectives (physical projects and policy change).
  • Built capacity to tailor active living “5P” strategies in rural communities.
  • Created new sidewalks, walking paths, park amenities, and spaces to make physical activity more accessible in five rural communities.

Funding Partner: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation

Engagement: 2005–2009

Services Provided:

  • Grant program design and management
  • Grantee network development
  • Coaching and technical assistance
  • Convenings and training events
  • Tool and resource development
  • Field building with local, state, and national partners