Strategic Planning

Health by Design

Health by Design is a diverse and growing coalition, bringing together advocates of community design, transportation, and health to support healthy and active living in Central Indiana and beyond. In 2011, Health by Design created a three-year coalition development plan and a one-year programmatic action/evaluation plan to improve local policies and environments for a healthier community.

Funding Partner: Health by Design

Engagement: 2011

Services Provided:

  • Coaching, consultation, and technical assistance
  • Strategic planning, visioning, and goal-setting
  • Evaluation planning
“Working with the Active Living By Design [now Healthy Places by Design] team was the best investment of time, energy, and resources we’ve made to date in our Health by Design strategic planning efforts. On the technical side, their experience and expertise with regard to building healthy communities is unparalleled. Beyond that, their broader understanding and appreciation of coalition management issues made our work together that much more impactful. It’s been exciting to fulfill many of the goals we committed to paper during that planning process!”

Kim Irwin, Executive Director
Health by Design