Fit Community

North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund and North Carolina Division of Public Health

A designation and grant program, Fit Community recognized and rewarded community-based efforts to make healthy choices easier and more accessible across North Carolina. Click here to read the Fit Community Case Studies.


  • Supported 28 municipal- and county-based partnerships with two-year grants and technical assistance to increase routine physical activity and/or healthy eating by focusing on policy and environmental change strategies in communities.
  • Awarded Fit Community designations to 27 communities across North Carolina that demonstrated excellence in making physical activity, healthy eating, and prevention of tobacco use more accessible in community, school, and work settings.
  • Created sustainable community change in parks, recreation, and trail facilities; schools; pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure; gardens and work sites.
  • Developed and disseminated a comprehensive case studies document.

Funding Partner: North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund, North Carolina Division of Public Health

Engagement: 2005–2012

Services Provided:

  • Program design and management
  • Grantee network development
  • Coaching and technical assistance
  • Convening and training events
  • Tool and resource development
  • Field building with local, state, and national partners
“I recently visited a community in a low income area. A park with a community garden thrives, and the community center’s dance class has been so successful that the dance instructor has had to adjust classes to allow more and different children to be able to participate. This wouldn’t have happened without the important partnerships developed and nurtured by Active Living By Design [now Healthy Places by Design] and the Fit Community grantee.”

Tish Singletary
North Carolina Division of Public Health