Building Resilient and Inclusive Communities (BRIC)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors



Funded and coordinated by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD), Healthy Places by Design provides thought partnership, technical assistance, and peer learning for the Building Resilient Inclusive Communities (BRIC) Program, a grant initiative for 20 states to promote healthy living and reduce social isolation during the COVID pandemic. Healthy Places by Design is part of a team of national experts, supporting state health departments and other organizations as they work with local communities on improving safe access to physical activity, promoting healthy eating through improved food and nutrition security, and reducing isolation and loneliness.


Our Support

Healthy Places by Design serves as the subject matter expert organization for the Safe Access to Physical Activity strategy area. In addition to co-designing, facilitating, and presenting during national webinars, our team co-coordinates and facilitates collaborative learning sessions for funded states in the form of virtual peer exchange sessions and office hours for state coordinators.


“Healthy Places by Design’s foundational perspective on equity in all their work has augmented the BRIC program’s state partnerships related to their built environment work and has enhanced the state’s new focus on social connectedness in advancing sustainable, resilient solutions for healthy communities.”

Senior Scientist and BRIC Program Manager, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

“NACDD is pleased to partner with the CDC and Healthy Places by Design on promoting safe access to physical activity and the built environment as well as promoting sustainable options for transportation and commuting support to the 20 Building Resilient Inclusive Communities Projects funded in 20 states. Additionally, through a monthly webinar series, Healthy Places by Design has been able to showcase examples and best practices that links physical activity to healthy nutrition and opportunities to promote social connectedness and health equity to all states.”

Director, Center for Community and Environmental Health, National Association of Chronic Disease Directors