Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge

American Public Health Association and Aetna Foundation



In 2020, American Public Health Association (APHA), Aetna Foundation, National Association of Counties (NACo), and Healthy Places by Design teamed up to support 20 city- and county-level teams in advancing health equity within their communities through the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge. The Challenge is an exciting initiative designed to accelerate systems-level approaches to improving community health with a focus on equity, collaboration, and community engagement.


Our Support

Working with APHA, Aetna, and NACo, Healthy Places by Design leads the Challenge initiative’s peer learning network. Monthly virtual sessions include webinars, peer exchange sessions, and topical ad hoc discussions. These learning sessions lay a foundation for grantees’ leadership, capacity to engage their communities, and the sustainability of their efforts. By serving as host and facilitator, Healthy Places by Design creates the space needed to work through power dynamics and have honest conversations about community change.


“Working with Healthy Places by Design has been one of the highlights of this initiative since the start. The team’s commitment to equity aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge, and our 20 community-based grantees deeply value the peer-to-peer connections that Healthy Places by Design so thoughtfully curates each month.”

Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Project Director, APHA

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