Roadmaps Action Acceleration and Collaborative Learning

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

The purpose of the Roadmaps Action Acceleration and Collaborative Learning support and funding is to advance a Culture of Health through targeted activities and leveraged resources that help communities make effective and lasting change. The Action Acceleration and Collaborative Learning components build from previous or current Roadmaps to Health Action Center coaching. The Action Acceleration funding pathway supports the advancement of local action within a community. The Collaborative Learning funding pathway supports mutually beneficial learning exchanges across communities that lead to local action or impact. To learn more, visit the Roadmaps Action Acceleration and Collaborative Learning webpages.

Part of the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program, Roadmaps Action Acceleration and Collaborative Learning is a collaboration between Healthy Places by Design, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Geographic Area of Focus: National


  • Launched funding opportunity and awarded funding to support 29 communities across the country in 2016
  • Managing process to support additional communities in 2017
  • Facilitating Roadmaps learning exchanges for community partners to benefit from and contribute to shared learning and engagement
  • Partnering in the overarching County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program, network, and related field-building

Funding Partner: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Engagement: 2016-2018

Services Provided:

  • Program design and management
  • Learning network facilitation and management
  • Convenings and training events
  • Field building with local, state, and national partners
  • Creation of webpages to serve as a content hub