SNAP-Ed Community PSE Exploration Initiative

Michigan Fitness Foundation



The Michigan Fitness Foundation’s (MFF) SNAP-Ed collaborative of statewide partners focuses on improving the health of Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens, including children, seniors, families, and communities in crisis. SNAP-Ed programs develop community leaders and enable residents to gain knowledge and access resources that improve opportunities to eat healthy food and be physically active. To complement traditional direct education work, SNAP-Ed partners conduct in-depth explorations of community-level policies, systems, and environments (PSE) and develop deeper organizational capacity to address root causes of health inequities.


Our Support

Healthy Places by Design serves MFF as a strategic thought partner and consultant to its staff and SNAP-Ed partners, providing expertise on emergent learning, ongoing support structures, and network building. Drawing from our Community Action Model, we have enabled SNAP-Ed partners to frame their analyses around their communities’ unique culture, assets, infrastructure, history of achievement, and challenges.

Specific services that Healthy Places by Design has provided include:

  • Conducting partner listening sessions, synthesizing themes, and sharing recommendations;
  • Designing and facilitating regular peer learning calls to strengthen network ties and build capacity for PSE-based approaches;
  • Developing specific guidance documents, curated resources, and final report templates;
  • Delivering keynote and plenary session presentations for statewide conference; and
  • Working with MFF staff to hone their services for greater impact.


Prior to our engagement with MFF, SNAP-Ed partners had not routinely connected for peer learning. Now, as partners share ideas, successes, and challenges with each other, they express appreciation for the opportunity to brainstorm with others doing similar work. These peer learning calls are paired with tailored guidance documents, curated resources, and templates that helped them frame their focus of work. Many partners have reported outcomes of new and strengthened relationships with community partners and a deeper understanding of the conditions experienced by SNAP-eligible residents.

“I appreciate that Healthy Places by Design not only brings ideas to the table, but is also willing to listen and adjust. It feels very collaborative. Also, your team’s content expertise is really fantastic; you truly understand that root-cause piece and you knew how to unpack our needs and then develop tools in a format that is user friendly and so helpful.”

Senior Director of Community Impact, Michigan Fitness Foundation
Photo credit: Michigan Fitness Foundation