Socially Connected Communities

We work with local leaders to strengthen social connectedness within their communities through strategies that build relationships between neighbors, improve trust, and foster an overall sense of community and belonging.

Social isolation is not a personal problem, but one that is rooted in community design, social norms, and systemic injustices that keep people and neighborhoods apart.

In recent decades, people in the United States and around the world have experienced soaring rates of social isolation, with profound impacts on health and well-being.

The good news is that strong social connections can boost a person's lifespan by 50%.

Through community-led change, we can reshape our neighborhoods to make it easier for people to build meaningful social connections.

Take Action in Your Community

With support from Einhorn Collaborative, Healthy Places by Design, the Foundation for Social Connection (F4SC), and Harvard University's Human Flourishing Program have launched the Action Guide for Building Socially Connected Communities, an interactive toolkit designed to provide local leaders and change makers with a road map for promoting meaningful social connection and belonging for community flourishing.

With this interactive toolkit, we invite you to bring together local leaders and members within your community to co-create effective, sustainable social connection action plans. Join us as we work to build connected communities across the nation!

Here are just a few of the places we're working:

Boston, Massachusetts

Charlotte, North Carolina

Mat-Su Borough, Alaska


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Explore Solutions for Social Isolation

Our foundational report Socially Connected Communities: Solutions for Social Isolation offers five recommendations for creating socially connected communities, starting with public spaces, transportation, and housing.



One Page Report Overview

Action Guide for Philanthropic Leaders

Action Guide for Local Government and Community Leaders 


Join Local Leaders Creating Socially Connected Communities

Healthy Places by Design hosts a learning network that brings together local government, community, and philanthropic leaders to explore concepts, ideas, and community-level strategies that reduce social isolation and strengthen social ties, especially for those who are most marginalized.  This learning network began in 2020 and the format and topics evolve each year.  Please click “Join the Network” to learn more about the current learning network.

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If you're working on or interested in strengthening social connection in your community, please reach out. We'd love to talk about ways we can work together!

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