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The Cultivating Healthy Communities (CHC) Peer Learning Network is a support for current and former Aetna Foundation grantees to learn and build capacity in order to better serve their communities. It provides grantees with opportunities to share about their healthy community work, hear from subject-matter resource people and other CHC peers and discuss strategies and successes, and brainstorm together about current challenges. This network is facilitated via webinars and virtual affinity sessions. Other opportunities for exchange include email, one-on-one phone calls, and virtual ad hoc sessions between network participants.


WEBINARS - Webinars occur every other month (odd months), providing current and former grantees with the opportunity to listen to and interact with a speaker and/or panel of peers on topics relevant to their work. Network participants are encouraged to reach out to the Healthy Places by Design to suggest their own expertise that could be beneficial to the other grantees.

AFFINITY GROUPS - Affinity sessions (via Zoom) offer a more intimate environment for current and former grantees to have conversations about topics relevant to their work and brainstorm practical solutions. Participants are welcome to attend as many affinity sessions as they would like, and invite colleagues and partners. These calls occur every other month (even months).


This webpage is a place for sharing presentations and other useful resources from Peer Learning Network virtual sessions. Please direct questions and comments about materials posted here to Healthy Places by Design staff.


Peer Learning Network Archive 


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  • January - Webinar: Connecting, Engaging, and Taking Action with Residents to Improve Community Health
  • February - Peer Exchange Affinity Sessions: Community Engagement - Continuing the Conversation
  • March - Peer Discussion: Responding to COVID-19 Call #1
  • April - Peer Discussion: Responding to COVID-19 Call #2 and Webinar: Sustaining Your Cultivating Healthy Communities Work
  • May - Peer Discussion: Responding to COVID-19 Call #3
  • June - Webinar: Taking Events Virtual - A Recent Summary of Best Practices
  • July - Affinity Session: Social Isolation and Health
  • August - Webinar: Centering Equity in Our Work
  • September - Affinity Session: Continuing the Conversation on Community Engagement to Advance Equity
  • October - Webinar: Measurement and Data for Community Initiatives


  • December -  Peer Exchange Affinity Session: 2019 Reflections
  • November - Webinar: Looking Inward to Understand and Address Implicit Bias in your Organization
  • October - Peer Exchange Affinity Sessions
  • September - Webinar: Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities
  • September - Ad Hoc Peer Exchange Affinity Session: Policy Advocacy for Community Health
  • August - Peer Exchange Affinity Sessions: Follow up on Social Media and Peer Sharing
  • July - Webinar: Strategic, Not Stressed: How to Use Social Media with Purpose
  • June - Peer Exchange Affinity Sessions
  • May - Webinar: Cultivating Just, Equitable, and Healthy Communities
  • April - Peer Exchange Affinity Sessions
  • March - Webinar: Working With and Within Government to Advance Racial Equity
  • March - Ad Hoc Peer Exchange Affinity Session: Adult Participatory Learning and Action Research
  • February - Peer Exchange Affinity Sessions
  • January - Webinar: Exploring and Addressing Institutionalized Racism to Cultivate Health