Innovating, Catalyzing and Reimagining Health Equity in Communities

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps



County Health Rankings & Roadmaps (CHR&R) is a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with a primary goal of supporting community health improvement and accelerating action to advance health equity. The program uses data, evidence, guidance and stories to support action on the social determinants of health, and offers a suite of tools and resources focused on equity. CHR&R strives to:

  • Build awareness of the multiple factors that influence health;
  • Provide a reliable, sustainable source of local data to communities to help them identify opportunities to improve health;
  • Engage and activate local leaders from many sectors in creating sustainable community change; and
  • Connect and empower community leaders working to improve health.


Our Support

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps (CHR&R) and Healthy Places by Design has a longstanding collaboration (since 2014). Focusing on equity and community-led transformation is a shared value that has enabled our organizations to collaborate and inform each other’s work, and sustain our partnership. Healthy Places by Design has served in a variety of roles to support the efforts and capacity of the CHR&R program, including the Roadmaps to Health Action Awards (2014-2016), and the Action Acceleration and Collaborative Learning initiative (2016-2020). In addition to managing these funding opportunities designed to enable communities to respond to timely priorities to advance health and equity, Healthy Places by Design has provided learning network facilitation, convening and training management, and field building support.

Healthy Places by Design’s current collaboration with CHR&R focuses on two initiatives to achieve impactful community change around health and equity through broad outreach.

  • The CHR&R Narrative Project is organizing and building capacity in the fields of public health, healthcare, and community development to shift dominant narratives that limit ability to advance health equity. New or transformative narratives will be community-informed and enable the structural changes necessary to create racial and health equity. Healthy Places by Design is serving as a strategic thought partner in the development and implementation of this project, and supporting narrative training and capacity building of community leaders.
  • The CHR&R National Webinars is a signature service of the program that reaches a broad and diverse audience across the country every month. Healthy Places by Design currently serves as the Associate Producer for the webinars, and the lead facilitator for the post-webinar discussion groups. The webinar topics focus on social determinants of health and equity, and the discussion groups provide an intimate venue for participants to think and talk about how strategies shared during the webinar can be applied in their own communities.



“Healthy Places by Design brought a valuable outside lens and diverse experiences that helped drive innovation. We relied on them to facilitate, design and lead virtual, interactive discussion groups, produce learning modules, and cultivate stories of community efforts to advance health and equity. They were instrumental in identifying, mining and writing about the rich examples and lessons learned from local communities, something we had wanted to do for a long time. Healthy Places by Design’s knowledge and expertise significantly contributed to growing our organizational capacity and setting communities up for greater success."

Senior Sustainability Leader for the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program, University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute

Healthy Places by Design brought a valuable outside lens and diverse experiences that helped drive innovation.

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