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Two Steps Forward, One Pedal Back

By Phil Bors on September 24th, 2014

For nearly 10 years, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded Live Well Omaha (LWO)[1] to help make active living and healthy eating easier, safer and more affordable in Omaha and Douglas County, Nebraska. Relying on its strong relationships, LWO convinced key Omaha health funders to take a bold next step with them: to directly invest in […]

Culture Catalyzes Sustainability

By Joanne Lee on September 17th, 2014

If you build a culture of health, you’re more likely to sustain a healthy community. This was underscored last week when I traveled to Louisiana to facilitate a sustainability workshop for grantees and partners of the Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana Grant Program. The initiative is the first of its kind in the state, and […]

Harvesting the Fruits of Disruption

By Rich Bell on September 12th, 2014

When my wife and I disrupted our teenage daughter’s favorite time of the week, we expected resistance. After all, asking her to volunteer for a half-Saturday at a local Habitat for Humanity building site, doing hard work for no pay with strangers, would have meant she’d miss sleeping in and the relaxed morning she craves […]

Begin with the End in Mind

By Sarah Strunk on September 5th, 2014

In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 2 is beginning with the end in mind, envisioning what you can’t see but wish to happen. Author Stephen Covey notes, “Begin with the End in Mind means to begin each day, task or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and […]