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Advancing Equity by Breaking Down Data in Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Populations

By Joanne Lee on August 18th, 2021

Note: This interview was originally featured on County Health Rankings & Roadmaps’ County-by-County blog. If you’ve participated in our national webinars, you’ve likely met our discussion group facilitator and producer, Joanne Lee. Lee is also the Collaborative Learning Director at Healthy Places by Design where she provides strategic coaching and assistance to those supporting sustainable […]

Reflections on the Adventures of Leadership: An Interview with Risa Wilkerson

By Sarah Strunk on August 11th, 2021

In her final blog, author Sarah Strunk reflects on her time at Healthy Places by Design with long-time friend, colleague, and inspirer, Risa Wilkerson. Read on to hear some of Risa’s thoughts on leadership and the work ahead, as well as a few fun facts about her current life as a digital nomad.