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Slow Down, You’re Moving Too Fast

By Fay Gibson on July 23rd, 2014

In 1966, I relied totally on my bicycle to get everywhere I wanted to go. In my old New York City neighborhood, if you didn’t have a bicycle you couldn’t “hang.” What pleasure I took riding with one hand and sometimes…“Look mom…no hands!” To which she would reply, “Slow down child, and watch out for […]

Culture of Health: Journey or Destination?

By Sarah Strunk on July 16th, 2014

Last week the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) recognized six communities from across the nation (out of hundreds of applicants) with the 2014 RWJF Culture of Health Prize for their innovative efforts to build a culture of health for all. Prize winners take a broad view of health that acknowledges the influences of behavior, clinical […]

Are You Investing in a Community or a World Cup?

By Rich Bell on July 1st, 2014

If you want to know why a highly successful World Cup event could provoke popular street protests in futbol-obsessed Brazil, just follow the money. Low-income Brazilians, long lacking many of the most basic public services, were understandably frustrated and right to question their government’s priorities and motives when the Brazilian government spent billions of dollars […]