Healthy Neighborhoods Learning Collaborative

The New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) and New York Community Trust (NYCT) launched the Healthy Neighborhoods initiative to address some of the underlying problems that have affected the health of New York State communities, and support them to become places that are healthier and more active. Through this initiative, NYSHealth is supporting six Healthy Neighborhoods Fund communities across the State. NYCT partnered with NYSHealth in a complementary initiative, South Bronx Healthy and Livable Neighborhoods (ending in 2019), to invest in three neighborhoods in the South Bronx. The Healthy Neighborhoods initiative aims to improve access to healthy, affordable food; improve access to safe places where residents can exercise and be active; connect children and adults to programs that support healthy behaviors; and make use of City agency resources to improve health and wellness in New York communities.

Healthy Places by Design is leading the development and implementation of the Healthy Neighborhoods Learning Collaborative, including in-person convenings, virtual sessions and other opportunities for grantees and partners to address common challenges, share best practices and develop relationships across communities.

This webpage is a place for sharing Learning Collaborative materials and other useful resources. Please direct questions and comments about materials posted here to Healthy Places by Design staff.

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